Saturday, 17 October 2009

A little update on the Hate Mail story

A brief update on yesterday's events, inspired by the delightful Jan Moir and the Hate Mail.

It appears that the Press Complaints Commission site actually broke for a time. Around 1,000 complaints have reportedly been received.

Over 1,000 comments follow the story on the Mail's own website – the overwhelming majority of them condemnatory.

It's made the news in most papers today (certainly the serious ones) and Moir is being described as having her career in tatters.

The Hate Mail itself took the unprecedented decision to publish a comment last night – with Moir claiming that it wasn't fair and she was being terribly misunderstood in a campaign led by ... well, a load of gay people.

Yes, Jan. Right.

We believe you.


If you've been that misunderstood, dear, then you seriously need to take some lessons in how to put your real point across coherently so that nobody (inside or outside the gay community) can ever misunderstand you again.

It's also deliciously poetic justice – the Hate Mail has spent years stirring up shitstorms against anything it doesn't like – the BBC for screening Jerry Springer: the Opera and the BBC (again), together with Russell Brand and Jonathon Ross for some prank phonecalls are just two examples – so it's impossible not to feel that this serves them damned well right.

But I doubt that's the last we'll hear of this little story.

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