Saturday, 21 July 2012

'Is it here yet?'

‘Are all these people waiting to see the torch too, mummy?’

‘Yes, I think so, dear.’

‘Is it here; is the torch here yet, mummy?’

‘I think it’s coming … yes! Oh no. It’s lots of police. Look, they’re from the Met and they’re waving and being friendly, and – look, can you see? Some of them have got Wenlocks on their bikes.’

‘Is this it now?’

‘No, no – it’s a man collecting money for our soldiers. He’s got an inflatable torch – you see? – although he doesn’t really look very happy.’

‘Can you see it, mummy? Is it coming now?’

‘Almost! Oh, hang on. No; no. It’s a big blue lorry covered in … ah, it’s Samsung. There are lots of very happy young people though, and they seem to be giving away nice blue flags.’

‘Is this is coming now, mummy?’

‘It could well be … oh, no; not yet. It’s a big red lorry this time, with lots more young people handing out bottles of (non-diet, I see) Coke and something that might be a frisbee or a picnic plate.’

‘Is it here now, mummy?’

‘I’m not sure, maybe: no, it’s a big green bus from Lloyds Bank. There are lots more jolly young people – there are an awful lot of jolly young people today, aren’t there? This time, they’re handing out green streamer things.’

‘Is this is, mummy, is it coming now?’

‘Yes, dear … this is ... oh no. It’s a man on one of the mayor’s Barclay’s Bikes; he seems to be protesting about something. He has a notice on the front that says something about Barclays pensioners being duped.

‘I’m surprised he’s not been asked to leave the procession. I’m not sure this is the time or place for political statements.’

‘Is this the torch now, mummy? Is it here now?’

‘Yes dear, this is finally it. Can you see?’

‘Is that it, then, mummy?’

‘Well dear, you got a flag. What else can you want?’

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