Saturday, 1 December 2012

Up among the big cheeses

Pottering along Broadway Market this morning, I stopped off at the stall where Trevor sells a range of HS Bourne’s Cheshire cheeses.

He was bubbling with pride as he was able to tell me that they’ve just won a gold medal at The World Cheese Awards – their first win since 2007.

The winning cheese was Bourne’s Traditional Cloth Bound Cheshire – and very nice it is too. I came away with a generous wedge.

A big congratulations to Bourne’s – they make lovely cheeses.

Looking at the awards listings, it was great to see that Gorwydd Caerphilly had won a gold medal too, along with Wyfe of Bath, from the Organic from the Bath Soft Cheese Company.

These are a pair of cracking cheeses and it’s great to see them winning prizes.

We really can do cheese superbly well in the UK.

The entire list of winners is here (pdf).

Mind, curiosity was piqued at the sight of the Cheshire Cheese Company, which won bronze not only with its Bowland Lancashire cheese – but also for its Sticky Toffee Heaven Cheddar.

After a year in which I’ve tried – and enjoyed – tobacco-flavoured chocolate, is this the next thing on the to-taste list?

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